Welcome to the Center for Leadership!

This center’s focus is primarily on leadership development both of clergy and laity. As such the Board of Ordained Ministry and the Conference Lay Servant Ministry Team are key fields around which our work is framed. Parts of that work include improvement or engagement in Spiritual Formation, Preaching, Coaching, Internships and providing targetedleadership training/events. The Executive Director of this center currently serves as Assistant to the Bishop and therefore works closely with the Bishop’s office in Annual Conference Planning, resourcing the Conference Core Team, Conference Nominations and Leadership Development, Episcopacy Committee, Dean of Cabinet, recruiting of new, younger and more diverse leadership, coordinating and vetting persons who want to transfer into our conference plus other clergy issues such as overseeing compliance to the Conference’s Prevention of Sexual Misconduct Training, working with Joint BOM Ethics Team on policies. The Center oversees the work of conference communications and information technology, campus ministry, clinical pastoral education and resourcing several groups which organizationally reside within the center like The Orders of Elders, Deacons, Fellowship of Local Pastors and The Academy for Spiritual Formation.  The Executive Director serves on the Executive Staff and Cabinet.

From this page you will be able to link to the various pages that relate to the center. You will note that through partnering and unique programs intentionally developed for clergy and laity the Central Texas Conference is taking a proactive approach to developing high quality church and community leaders who will make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Dr. Georgia Adamson

Central Texas Conference  United Methodist Church
“Energizing and Equipping Local Churches”
Assistant to Bishop  Executive Director Center for Leadership
464 Bailey Avenue Fort Worth, Texas 76107
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